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Renewable energy

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#redirect{{topic with portal header| image= default.png| portal = Renewable energy| category = Renewable energy}} [[Renewable energy]] comes from resources which are continually renewed by natural processes, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, and geothermal heat. Renewable energy is potentially [[environmentally friendly]], but not always. The "old" renewables, biomass and hydroelectricity, generally have massive negative impacts:Category* Burning biomass creates smoke, and [[indoor pollution]] which is a major cause of [[infant mortality]] in [[less developed communities]].* [[Dams]], used for large-scale [[hydroelectric]] projects, cause massive environmental disruption, interfering with fish migration and breeding, preventing the natural flow of sediment and nutrients, and interrupting the natural [[water cycle]] with sometimes unpredictable consequences (such as the outbreak of the parasitic illness [[schistosomiasis]]{{w|schistosomiasis}} following the year-round [[irrigation]] introduced by the [[Aswan Dam]] .  In 2006, about 18% of global final energy consumption came from renewables, but this is almost all from the old, damaging renewables: 13% from traditional biomass, mainly for heating, and 3% from hydroelectricity. "New" renewables ([[small hydro]], modern biomass, [[wind power|wind]], [[solar power|solar]], geothermal, and [[biogas|biofuels]]) accounted for only 2.4%, but are growing very rapidly.{{fact}}  If you are still not sure what the renewable energy is and how you can come up with something that uses this energy, then this page will really help you understand what you can achieve with some research and determination to do something interesting and useful for others. http://solargardenlightshq.com/15-amazing-diy-solar-projects/ on this page you can find 15+ very interesting project where the inventors have used renewable energy to product something useful. I really like the solar mobile charger project. == Interwiki links == * [[Wikipedia:Renewable energy]] == External links == * [http://www.mpoweruk.com/electrical_energy.htm Electropaedia - Energy Production Processes for Conventional and Sustainable Electrical Energy Supplies]* [http://www.cotterillcivils.co.uk/products/rainwater-harvesting.aspx Rainwater Harvesting] The Government funded sustainable living resource.* [https://www.earthava.com/worlds-biggest-renewable-energy-projects/ The World's Biggest Renewable Energy Projects]{{stub}} [[Category:Energy]][[Category:Sustainability]]


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