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Climate change

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{{main|Science of climate change}}
Climate change skeptics{{wp supw|Climate change skeptics}} are a very small and decreasing minority of scientists (and a relatively large number of economists). The relative importance of climate change as opposed to directly addressing poverty is also open to debate.
The positive contribution that climate skeptics can make includes critical analysis of technologies and strategies - this applies when it is considered analysis rather than polemic.
The [[bright green]] approach puts its trust in [[technology]] to give us answers in time, if we just put suitable resources into researching and applying solutions.
Technology is advancing and technologies such as [[thin film solar photovoltaics]]{{wp supw|thin film solar photovoltaics}} (e.g. copper indium gallium diselenide{{wp supw|copper indium gallium diselenide}}) offer great hope. However, the rate of progress is uncertain, and as climate change is already happening, action is needed now, without waiting for these new technologies.
=== Low hanging fruit ===

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