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== On Bible quotes [ there] ==
Hi Lonny,.....
Thank you very much for pointing out the difference of opinion on appropriateness of Bible quotes here. I have no intentions to use the Appropedia space for religious propaganda.
I didn't know about the objections raised through the talk page because there were no email alerts from there for quite some time now. Having known, I am modifying the section.
It is true that I wanted to express my gratitude in public for having made me think differently & leave the beaten track. That is why that section title was chosen. The sentences of the body of that section were to be seen as quotations from a book that has the maximum number of copies printed ever in human history. More over it was felt that those are the sentences that could be framed in the most precise form to express the ideas in my mind. I could not make sentences crispier than these to convey those ideas. The links are given to ascertain the genuineness of the source and text.
It is felt that as much as I am happy, you also might be happy about the popularity of the page. Now a Google search of the words ''LONG WHEAT'' brings title of this page as the FIRST of the 85,400,000 results. It literally surprised me. I had never even dreamt about things going to this proportion.
Noticing this popularity I was thinking of seeking your valuable opinion on launching a pilot project to cure persons who are in '''very advanced stages of the disease - viz. Diabetes'''. I have no idea about what all are to be done and how to go about.
The findings of Dr. Roy Taylor of the Newcastle University, UK have '''added trustworthiness''' to the contents of the page.
Thank you Chris, Lonny, Munimortal, Teratornis & Yeahvle.
[[User:Georgedappilly|Shooter]] 23:51, 20 August 2011 (PDT)

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