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Climate change

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* [[Carbon sequestration]] - prevent consumed carbon from getting into the atmosphere. After combustion, pump it underground or underwater.
* Remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, e.g. through [[ocean nourishment]], [[biochar]], planting [[trees]].
* Reduce the temperature in other ways (paint roads and [[paint roofs white|roofs white]], spray sulfate aerosols into the stratosphere, to reflect a proportion of sunlight back into space. Note: this direct temperature reduction does not reduce carbon levels, so [[ocean acidification]] from higher carbon dioxide is still a problem.
* [[Climate change mitigation]]: build [[heat tolerant houses]] ([[passive solar]] with suitable [[insulation]]), [[flood control]] barriers)
* Grin and bear it: put up with the inconveniences and the expected loss of biodiversity and increases in certain types of [[natural disasters]] (and hope that there will be improvements in other areas).

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