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International collaboration protocol QAS

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=Definition of project timelines and goals=
The project timeline allows for the co-ordination of teams areound specific goals. A timeline should be laid out which clearly defines project goals and milestones, and every attempt should be made to follow this timeline. Similarily to project scope, the project timeline should be a written document distributed to all project members. If a change in the timeline or project goals is required, a new timeline should be developed and distributed to all memembers. Again, in an interantional context this is important to ensure that the responsbitilibies of each working group are known.
=Progress tracking=
Regular meetings should occur in order to track the progress of the project and to ensure that all working groups are on track. In addition to meetings encompassing the entire project team, individual working teams focussing on specific projects should interact on a more regular basis to ensure proper task co-ordination.
=Useful software packages and best practices for use=
[ Skype] is a free software package which allows high quality voice and video calling over the internet. In addition, it has limited functionality for written "chat", and the abilitiy to screen share, which can be valuable when attempting to convey complex topics.
In order to share the screen of a local computer with participants in a video chat, follow the following steps :
[ Dropbox] is a free software package which allows automated syncing and backup of files between computers and into the [ cloud]. This facilitates the sharing of project files, and ensures that only one, up-to date version of a file exists. Dropbox should be the sole method used to share files, as it ensures traceability of files, and reduces confusion around the correct version.
In order to set up dropbox, it must be installed on a local computer. Once installed, a Dropbox folder will be installed in the users My Documents folder. This
Teams are responsible for:


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