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International collaboration protocol QAS

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It includes links to software and services and provides an example project: [[Open source solar spectrum project]]
The desgin of an international collaboration will be divided into categories related to the development of an engineering project.
=Assignment of Roles and Responsibilities=
The assignment of roles and responsibilites is required in order to provide a framework which can be used by members of the project to determine their expected contribution. In an international context, this is also very crucial when responsibilities are shared across borders in order to ensure that both groups are building off each other's work, and not re-creating it.
In addition, it is reccomended that each group has a team leader, who is responsible for communicaiton and organization within their group. In a project where a large portion of the collaboration exists over teleconferencing, having one speaker from each group can stramline communications and ensure that important points are being conveyed. It is important that all group members are present and contributing at each teleconference, however it should be the team leaders responsibtility to ensure that they get a chance to speak, and a clear time in which to do it.
=Definition of project timelines and goals=


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