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Appropedia:Site development/archive (Admin tasks)

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Misc old issues: de-link deleted page - don't want anyone to recreate
<center>'''To respond or editto an item, please do so at see the relevant item [ BetterMeans workstream] or comment on the current page, [[Appropedia:Site development/prioritiesDesired features]], or its talk page - not here.'''</center>
== Misc old issues ==
<small>''These notes were made at [["Appropedia:Site development/priorities/archive]] " and I was the only editor. I now realize these all fit under "Admin tasks" also. I'm deleting the original rather than creating a redirect, as I want to keep the site development subpages tidy.''</small>
# WYSIWYG editor - FCKEditor looks very close, but not ready yet. We need a replacement for Uniwiki, which is proving to be a problem for some editors, and which clashes with Mediawiki 1.14. So either we work with wikiHow on accelerating the implementation of [ Wikia's WYSIWYG editor code] (which contains a lot of wikia specific hooks) or we find an alternative interface (any suggestions?) - '''Done'''

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