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Water resource policy

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* Water districts control service to residential, commercial, industrial and institutional water consumers
==== NGO to government difficulties ====
Government secrecy is an ongoing problem as bureacratic ineptitude and illicit, privately profitable arrangements are shielded from public view. In some nations there are provisions for press and other NGO access but costly lawsuits may be required to exercise these rights.
===Typical information access issue ===
As reported on the non partisan Civil Society Institute website, a 2005 Congressional study on water supply impact of American production is apparently being suppressed as it has become the target of a Freedom of Information Action (FOIA) litigation filed by the Civil Society Institute (CSI) vs the Department of Energy (DOE) and U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu.
<ref>Website of the Civil Society Institute|June 23, 2011|</ref>
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