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Water resource policy

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===Overlapping jurisdictions and conflict of laws===
In typically water challenged province in a developed nation, the number of water regulatory agencies at the provincial level alone is substantial, not counting county, city and special districts:
* Environmental Protection Agency (State/EPA)  ===== Jurisidictional problems ===== Overlapping jurisdictions may pass legislation which creates conflict of laws. For interest, recent changes in California law intended to reduce air quality problems from shipping has been interfered with by Federal legal changes intended to reduce the cost of shipping. <ref>|July 2, 2011</ref>  * Coastal Commission  * Coastal Conservancy  * Department of Fish & Game  * Department of Water Resources  * Environmental Resources Evaluation System (CERES)  * Ocean and Coastal Environmental Access Network (OCEAN)  * Resources Agency Wetlands Information System  *State Water Resources Control Board  <ref></ref>Additionally * Public Health Departments conduct water sampling for bacterial and viral contaminants * Water districts control service to residential, commercial, industrial and institutional water consumers
==Appendix: Water resource legislation==


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