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Water resource policy

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Surface water and groundwater have often been studied and managed as separate resources, although they are interrelated.<ref name="circ1139">United States Geological Survey (USGS). Denver, CO. [ "Ground Water and Surface Water: A Single Resource."] USGS Circular 1139. 1998.</ref> There are three recognized classifications of groundwater which jurisdictions may distinguish: subterranean streams, underflow of surface waters, and percolating groundwater.<ref></ref>
===== Policy makermakers's freshwater constituencies=====
Drinking water and water for utilitarian uses such as washing, crop cultivation and manufacture is competed for by various constituencies:
*municipal or institutional activities
======Detrimental practices of concern to policy makers=====
* discharges from residential, business and irrigated agriculture
* dredge and fill activities including those conducted by other government agencies, which typically require permitting regardless
===Saltwater ===


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