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Water resource policy

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Such regulatory bodies as exist cover designated regions <ref></ref> and regulate piped waste water discharges to surface water which include riparian and ocean ecosystems. These systems of review bodies are charged with maintenance maintaining a healthy aquifer for purposes of wilderness ecology (wildlife habitat,drinking water, agricultural irrigation and fisheries. Another area of regulatory attention, which may or may not be housed within the same regulatory structure, includes storm water discharge which tend to carry fertilizer residue and bacterial contamination from domestic and wild animals. <ref></ref> They have the authority to make orders which are binding upon private actors such as international corporations <ref></ref> and do not hesitate to exercise the police powers of the state. Water agencies have statutory mandate which in many hurisdictions is resilient to pressure from constituents and lawmakers in which they on occasion stand their ground despite heated opposition from agricultural interests<ref></ref>
On the other hand, the Boards enjoy strong support from environmental concerns such as Greenpeace,Heal the Ocean and Channelkeepers.<ref></ref>
===Overlapping jurisdictions===
In typically water challenged province in a developed nation, the number of water regulatory agencies at the provincial level alone is substantial, not counting county, city and special districts:
* Environmental Protection Agency (State/EPA)
* Coastal Commission
* Coastal Conservancy
* Department of Fish & Game
* Department of Water Resources
* Environmental Resources Evaluation System (CERES)
* Ocean and Coastal Environmental Access Network (OCEAN)
* Resources Agency Wetlands Information System
*State Water Resources Control Board
* Public Health Departments conduct water sampling for bacterial and viral contaminants
* Water districts control service to residential, commercial, industrial and institutional water consumers
=== Regulatory scope===
Jurisdictions may have saltwater, freshwater, or both concerns.


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