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Wormland wormbin instructions

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===Instructions for Building Worm Bin Kids Alone===
This is a guide to building the [[Locally_Delicious_Kids_Worm_Bin| Wormland Wormbin Worm bin created by team Onychophora]].
==Materials needed==
==How to use your Wormland Wormbin==
# Start by putting a small amount of damp shredded news papernewspaper, a handful of dirt or dead leaves, and about a rough handful of food scraps (see: what to feed your worms) on only ONE side both sides of your bin. Make sure to only put food scraps on one side, however. This forces the worms to migrate from one side to the other in search of food after digesting the given material. # Leave Initially leave your worm bin for about a week or so without worms in it so that the contents of the bin can begin the decomposition process.# You may now add about 100 to 250 worms(a rough handful of worms ) to the side of your bin that contains the newspaper mixture.# Once a week, use a spoon to mix up (“aerate”) the side of the bin that contains wormsto keep harmful gases from building up. Also once a week, be sure to add a small amount (about a half a handful) of food to the bin.#Make sure that the worm bin is sprayed and moistened so the bedding does not dry out.
# After 2-3 months, the bin will start to accumulate castings (worm poop). When this starts to happen, prepare a new batch of bedding and food on the empty side of the bin. The worms will then migrate via the migration hole to where more food is provided.
# After the worms have migrated to the fresh side of the bin, you may remove the castings from the other side and use them in your gardening to produce bigger, healthier plants.
This process may continue however long you want your Wormland Worm The projected lifetime of the bin is six months to lasta year. Due to the simple design,however, it is also easy to make another worm bin to replace the old one!
==Modular Design==
You A modular design means that you can expand your Wormland Worm Bin to the size you want.# Get a new another juice or milk cartonand place it next to your 2-carton bin.# Fallow Follow steps 2-4 of [[Wormland_wormbin_instructions#How_to_build_your_Wormland_Wormbin| How to build your Wormland Wormbin]] with the new carton
# Cut an extra migration hole into your existing wormbin
# Make sure the migration holes line up then tape new bin in place
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