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Locally Delicious Kids Worm Bin

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Problem statement and criteria
| Cost
| 10
| The cost of the project was geared towards being very minimal to fit the budget of kids. Most of the material to be used can be acquired at little to no cost to the child.
| Maintenance
| 4
| The amount of time related to upkeep of the worm bin will be minimal and sustainable for an estimated time of six to twelve months.
| Materials
| 7
| Materials apart from the worms themselves will not be difficult to obtain for the targeted age group or their parents, i.e. outside of the home, local hardware stores, or local grocery stores.
| Efficiency
| 9
| Within two months Efficiency is defined as the amount of worm bin will be able to produce castings provided that produced within a certain amount of area in the worm bin is properly cared for and is given an adequate amount of food waste.
| Build Time
| 8
| Build The time should be minimal, i.e. able it takes to be completed over build and implement the course of one weekend by the targeted age groupworm bin.
| Educational Value
| 5
| The worm bin design will enable the targeted age group kids ages 8-12 years old to both learn about the general design of a worm bin and to help them understand the concepts of waste and consumption.
| Durability
| Safety
| 510| The materials and construction methods used in the design of the worm bin will not be harmful to the targeted kids ages 8-12 years old age group’s health or well being.
| 10
| The design ability of children, age 8-12 years old, to reproduce the worm bin will be easily reproducible by the targeted age group, given adequate parental help and supervision.

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