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Expand == Why? == & add == How is this different from other forums? ==
We've been re talking about installing a forum being implemented for Appropedia.
== Why ? ==
A forum:* Provides an easy way to engage for the many, many people who find a wiki daunting. We want people to feel comfortable with the wiki, but this can help provide an "on ramp" and provide support during the process.* Provides an easy way to have discussion on particular areassubjects, e.g. groups of pages or activities.* An easy way to monitor discussions, bring active threads to the top, and make important threads "sticky". (MediaWiki talk pages can be useful for specific articles or projects, but it's hard to get an overview of discussions or follow threads. It's rare for newcomers to post to the [[A:Village Pump|Village Pump]], and no doubt it's hard for them to make sense of that page. ''LiquidThreads'' is one way to try to improve discussions within MediaWiki, but it still has problems.)* Helps build a sense of community. === How is this different from other forums? === There are many forums on sustainability, permaculture, transition etc - it's possible to join those communities and discuss these topics. The Appropedia Forum is different in being:* Focused on building a knowledge resource. While topics and tangents may abound, we have a mutual understanding that we want to turn that knowledge into an open knowledge resource - i.e. a set of wiki pages.* [[Open license]]d. The terms of contributing are similar to the wiki - your contributions can be reused (for example on the wiki), with attribution, under the [[CC-by-sa]] license.* A place for Appropedians to get to know each other and inspire each other. This helps keep us inspired to build this living library. * Somewhere where we don't have to constantly explain why something belongs on a wiki page - because we're talking with people who "get it".
==Desired features==

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