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Appropedia talk:Vision and mission

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→‎Shorter tagline: I suggest "rich yet sustainable"
How's that? Even shorter? --[[User:Chriswaterguy|Chriswaterguy]] 08:39, 4 November 2008 (UTC)
::How about just:
::*'''Sharing knowledge for sustainable lives.'''
::I think the word "rich" is unnecessary because nearly everybody wants to be rich, or at least would not turn down a raise in pay, so they will naturally tend to direct their efforts to that end when they share information on Appropedia or do anything else. "Rich" is also a dangerously imprecise term, since most of mankind's currently quantifiable wealth results from burning fossil fuels, and almost everyone who gets richer in quantifiable (i.e. monetary) terms tends to increase their fossil fuel burn by consuming more goods and services e.g. motorized travel, larger and more luxurious homes, better food, etc. If we must include the word "rich" I suggest adding the qualifier "yet":
::*'''Sharing knowledge for rich yet sustainable lives.'''
::just to drive home the vital point that most people's understanding of the word "rich" is not compatible with "sustainable." --[[User:Teratornis|Teratornis]] 14:50, 8 February 2011 (PST)
== Found another mission... ==
Different wording has been used e.g. [ here] - good spiel. I'm guessing Curt put this up. --[[User:Chriswaterguy|Chriswaterguy]] 14:50, 10 March 2009 (UTC)

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