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Heat Exchangers
A heat exchanger is a device built for efficient heat transfer from one medium to another. The media may be separated by a solid wall, so that they never mix, or they may be in direct contact. They are widely used in space heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, power plants, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries, natural gas processing, and sewage treatment. One common example of a heat exchanger is the radiator in a car, in which the heat source, being a hot engine-cooling fluid, water, transfers heat to air flowing through the radiator (i.e. the heat transfer medium).
<br>  <br>  <br>  Energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) are closely related, however ERVs also transfer the humidity level == '''Types of the exhaust air to the intake air.<br><u>httpHeat Exchangers://</u> ''' ==
[ Air source heat pumps]&nbsp;<br>
<br> [ Baffle]
Shell and [ Concentric tube heat exchanger <br>]
Plate heat exchanger<br>Plate fin heat exchanger<br>Ground-coupled heat exchanger<br>Dynamic scraped surface heat exchanger<br>Waste Heat Recovery Unit<br>Micro heat exchanger<br>Moving bed heat exchanger<br> [ Countercurrent exchange]
<br> [ Deep water cooling]
[ Downhole heat exchanger]<br>
Earth-to-air [ Dynamic scraped surface heat exchanger<br> ]
Ground-coupled [ Drain water heat exchanger recovery]<br>
<br> [ Energy recovery ventilators]
<br> [ Grate heater]
Types[http: // Ground source heat exchanger]<br>
[http://imagesen.wikiawikipedia.comorg/solarcookingwiki/images/2/2e/Granada06_david_denkenbergerLaser_propulsion#Heat_Exchanger_.28HX.pdf 29_Thruster Heat exchanger thruster]
[ Heat recovery ventilators]<br>
The plastic bags was for the heat exchanger - thesis found here:<br>[http://gradworksen.umiwikipedia.comorg/34wiki/19/3419453.html Moving_bed_heat_exchanger Moving bed heat exchanger]
[ Pillow plate]<br>
<br> [ Plate fin heat exchanger]
[ wiki/Radiator_(heating) Radiator]
[ wiki/Recuperator Recuperator]
[ Regenerative_heat_exchanger Regenerative heat exchanger]
[ wiki/Shell_and_tube_heat_exchanger Shell and tube heat exchanger]
[ wiki/Solar_air_heat Solar air heater]
solar wall [ Solar hot water heater]<br><br><br><br>[<br> Solar wall]<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>[<br><br><br><br> wheel]<br>
[ Waste Heat Recovery Unit]<br>
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