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Shell and tube heat exchanger
Plate heat exchanger<br>Plate fin heat exchanger<br>Ground-coupled heat exchanger<br>Dynamic scraped surface heat exchanger<br>Waste Heat Recovery Unit<br>Micro heat exchanger<br>Moving bed heat exchanger  <br>There are a number of heat exchangers used in Heat recovery ventilation-HRV devices, as diagrammed to the right&nbsp;:<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; cross flow heat exchanger up to 60% efficient (passive)<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; countercurrent heat exchanger up to 99% efficient (passive)<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; rotary heat exchanger (requires motor to turn wheel)<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; heat pipes<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; thin multiple heat wires (Fine wire heat exchanger)<br>
Incoming air<br>The air coming into the heat exchanger should be at least 0°C. Otherwise humidity in the outgoing air may condense, freeze and block the heat exchanger.<br>A high enough incoming air temperature can also be achieved by<br>recirculating some of the exhaust air (causing loss of air quality) when required,<br>by using a very small (1 kW) heat pump to warm the inlet air above freezing before it enters the HRV. (The 'cold' side of this heatpump is situated in the warm air outlet.)<br>using a heating "battery" supplied by heat from a heat source eg hot water circuit from a wood fired boiler, etc.<br>
Earth-to-air heat exchanger  <br>
Heat recovery ventilation, often with an earth-to-air heat exchanger, is essential to achieve German Passivhaus standards.<br>Main article: Ground-coupled heat exchanger
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Air conditioning - Health implications<br>HVAC....................&nbsp;http://enimages.wikipediawikia.orgcom/solarcooking/images/wiki2/HVAC 2e/Granada06_david_denkenberger.pdf
The plastic bags was for the heat exchanger - thesis found here:<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>  See alsohttp: Sterling Engine  //<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>
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