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*[[Uv Solar hot water treatment]]''<br>''
*[[Hydraulic ram pumps]]''Heat''
*''Lighting[ Ground source heat pumps]''  *[[LED lighting]]
<br> ''ElectricityEnergy Savings''
*[[MicroHydro: Civil Engineering Aspects]]
''Shelter''  *[[Papercrete vs. StrawBale]] '<br>'Food''  *[[How to Practice Sustainable Agriculture]] ''Transportation''  *[[Vegetable oil as fuel]] <br> '''Conventional Discipline''':
<br>''General'Formal Education'''
*[ Heat Exchanger Design and Operation] *[Mech425 AT Project] Progressive Thermal Engineering]
''Chemical Engineering''
= Donation Opportunities =
*[ Appropedia]
*[ Kiva]
*[ Akvo]
*[ Rep Rap]
*[ One Laptop Per Child]
*[ Grameen Foundation]
*[ Engineers Without Borders]
= Funding Opportunities for Engineers =
See also: [[Jobs]]


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