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[[Image:Alisha.Alaska.jpg|thumb|left|Al Photountamed wilderness]]
== About Me ==
Name: Alisha Sughroue
is currently a Student at [] Humboldt State, transferred from [] University of Hawaii.
*Wilderness First Responder*, Takes youth camping in the backwoods of Alaska throughout the summer months.
AnimalsI am fascinated by animals, backpacking, mountains, dirt-bikes, reading, maps
== Interests in Engineering ==
[[Category:Engr215 Introduction to Design
==Websites I Like==[http://userswww.humboldtalaskaoutdoorsinfo.educom/asughroue/ArcataMarshnews_alaska_general.htmlphp] Arcata Marsh Internship OpportunitiesAlaska Outdoors Info
[] Web Page
[] Alaska Renewable Resource Coalition
[] Alternative Energy Newsleter


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