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== About Me ==
Name: Alisha Sughroue
Currently a Student at Humboldt State, transferred from University of Hawaii.*Wilderness First Responder*, Takes youth camping in the backwoods of Alaska throughout the summer months. Animals, backpacking, mountains, dirt-bikes, reading
== Interests in Engineering ==
*INTEREST #1 Renewable Energy*INTEREST #2 Sustainable Living*INTEREST #3 Energy Transfer
== Experience in Engineering ==
*EXPERIENCE #1 RESU: Wind Anemometer Data Collection*EXPERIENCE #2 RESU: Rock Creek Ranch Solar Shower Plans, efficiency testing on panels.*EXPERIENCE #3 Small Scale Solar Panel Design
[[Category:Engr215 Introduction to Design
[] Arcata Marsh Internship Opportunities
[] Web Page
[] Alaska Renewable Resource Coalition
[] Alternative Energy Newsleter


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