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== About Me ==Hey there, my My name's is Christina. Unfortunately, and I'm not a hippie, but I tryan Environmental Resources Engineering student at Humboldt State University. I love the outdoors, art[[]], [ South Park], so much <gallerybr>Image:SB.jpg</gallerybr>
== Interests in Engineering ==
*ThermodynamicsWater Quality & Treatment*BiodiversityRenewable Energy*Sustainable EnergyInfrastructure
== Experience in Engineering ==
 *Water Quality Monitoring: Reed Canary Grass in Janes Creek, Fall 2011 *'Clean Risk Assessment: Lead in Drinking Water' science project, Fall 2011 *Short-Span Truss Bridge Design, Spring 2011<br>[ Design Document]<br>[ Presentation]<br> *Assembling Computational Methods (toyFORTRAN, Scilab) railroad tracks<br>Example Codes:<br> [ Factorial Program (contains Subprogram)] <br>[ Receipt Program]<br> *Constructing a doll house[[Samoa Hostel Feel The Heat]], Fall 2010<br>[ Collaborative Final Document]<br>[ AutoCAD]<br>[ Spreadsheet of Time Spent]<br>[ Project Planning Chart]<br>[ Sample Memo]<br> *Groundwater Remediation at Humboldt State University: Natural Attenuation, November/December 2010<br>[ Presentation]<br>*Webpage for Arcata's Wastewater Treatment Plant, November, 2010<br>*Building a Rube Goldberg 9/10, September 2010<br>*Organization of Climate Conference, Spring 2010<br>   <br><br>
[[Category:Engr215 Introduction to Design]]
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