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Appropedia:Site development/archive (Admin tasks)

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Completed Tasks: importing wikigreen images... 7 hours gone.
;See for work so far.
=Completed Tasks=
==Import Images from WikiGreen==
These steps were completed for integrating WikiGreen (ExportWIkiSite) into Appropedia (ImportWIkiSite), but could be used to upload many photos from any repository:
# download images folder from ExportWikiSite
# Remove unwanted folders, such as temp, archive and thumb (these will be recreated)
# Flatten directory
#* I know that there is some way to do this with tar, or recursive copy, but I gave up and downloaded the freeware xxcopy (
#* xxcopy "C:\ImageFolder" "C:\ImageFolderFlat" /SG
#* Make sure to use /SG the one normally suggested renames augments the filenames.
# Check for duplicates with ImportWikiSite
#* Rename any duplicates, then (if you are importing pages as well) find reference to the old name in the imported pages and change name to the new name.
# Use importImages.php
#* For some reason the version show php5 but commands were being executed by php4 so I used: <code>/usr/local/php5/bin/php importImages.php --user=Lonny --comment="From via [[User:Ericblazek|Eric Blazek]]" ../WGImgFlat png</code>
#* Do this for each filetype, e.g. jpg, gif, etc.
# In addition, something happened to the importImages.php file in transport, so I redownloaded it, and everything worked.
==Site Map==
*[ Google Sitemap extension]

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