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Why These Technologies Exist
According to Charles Hostovsky in his book [[Green Consumerism]], "this failure can ultimately be attributed to the misuse and abuse of ecolabels on the part of industry, the lack of government regulations covering these labels, and too few government-certified environmental labeling schemes based on the findings of objective life-cycle assessment studies."<ref>Hostovsky, Charles. [ "Greenwashing."] Green Consumerism: An A-to-Z Guide. 2010. SAGE Publications. 20 Sep. 2010. </ref> This has lead to an increase in third-party interest in green information, giving rise to various organizations dedicated to providing consumers with more detailed and fact-based records of industrial practice and the environmental quality of products, as well as offering lifestyle advice to eco-conscious consumers.
! Is a reference from 1992 saying environmental awareness is increasingly popular really valid? Find a more up to date source for this comment.
== Cellphone Applications ==

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