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The GoodGuide application for the iPhone allows users to turn their phones into makeshift scanners{more of a barcode reader then a scanner}bar-code readers, using the camera function to snap a picture of the individual bar-code on the back of a product. This bar-code reading brings up a product rating assessed by GoodGuide (represented by a score out of 10) by three standards: health, environmental and social, as well as in-depth details on the quality of the product and the company that produced it. GoodGuide boasts over 65,000 products covered in its database, including food, personal care items, household chemicals, and toys.<ref></ref> This product archive can also be accessed online.
[[Image:GoodGuideRating_Chart_Table.jpg‎|thumb|right|Fig 1: GoodGuide's Rating Standards]]
Each of the three ratings is scored on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, 1 the worst. Under each score number is a brief explanation, followed by a link to more data. If clicked, the link brings up a list of subcategories, each with their own scores for individual concerns such as human health impact, safety, corporate ethics, labor and human rights, and even the social conditions of the state in which the item was produced, among other things. There is also Life Cycle Analyzes (LCA) for the product if such information is available.<ref></ref>
GoodGuide rates both publicly-traded and privately-owned companies. Publicly-traded companies are required , by law{insert ,} to disclose a certain amount of information on their policies, and often this data is gathered and rated by certified third parties (such as regulatory agencies) which GoodGuide then files into its own data system. Privately-owned companies require independent research from agencies licensed by GoodGuide itself. The various indicator scores are then passed through a series of algorithms (weighted against each other by factors such as report trust) which then produce the final score for each of the three categories: health, environmental and social (See: Figure 1).<ref></ref>
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