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Talk:Environmental Consumer Awareness Technology

1 byte added, 00:02, 3 October 2010, founded by the Consumers Union, is an online resource aimed at providing consumers with accessible and credible information on the validity of environmental product labels. This tool provides a vast archive of eco labels and advice on which labels are credible.<ref></ref>
Labels are evaluated by the Consumers Union, who generally relies on outside third parties such as the certifier and inspection agencies. Labels are rated higher for consistency and clarity of definitions; an eco-label used on one product should have the same meaning if used on other products. Transparency, the amount of information the company discloses to the public, is also an important factor. Standards should be written in a way that can be verified in a consistent manner so that the label is consistent in meaning among different products. The company will also be subject to investigation to make sure that it does not profit from sales of the eco labels.<ref></ref>

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