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Institute of Nature and Society of Oaxaca

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The Institute of Nature and Society (INSO) is a nonprofit working in Oaxaca, Mexico. They dedicate their work to conservation of resources, the implementation of [[appropriate technologies]], and research into nature and human relationships. While working with indigenous communities their strategy is not to just bring preprepared solutions, but to exchange information so that modern technology and knowledge can be merged with the social structure and wisdom of traditional communities.  
==Education and Outreach==
*library with 5000 titles on rural, Oaxacan, ecological, alternative technologies
*exchange programs with international and domestic universities to continue knowledge transfer with interested parties
*intiating initiating and supporting the [[Oaxaca Water Quality Forum]]
*academic initiatives and support for the Oaxacan Network for Community Tourism
*Manual of Technologies for Environmental Defense. 1st Ed. is a compilation of different appropriate technologies with technical specifications, 1994. Compiled by Enrique Vignau, Marcela Robles, Laura López, L.Gustavo Esteva.
==Appropriate Technology Projects==
*[[Permaculture Demonstration Center in San Andres Huayapam]]*Water and Soil Conservation research
*[[Oaxacan Commission for Ecological Defense]] (CODE), a project of INSO dedicated to effecting policy changes for a more ecological and socially just world. CODE gives recommendations to the National Assembly, litigates on behalf of city residents and social organizations, and collaboratively helped start the state ecology program and the State Ecological Institute. CODE also works to gain financial support from international and international groups for different conservation projects.
*[[State System for Natural Space Conservation]] (SECEN)
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