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Wireless Upgrade for Typical Consumer Power Meter

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With today's rising prices in energy more attention has been towards energy conservation. Manufacturers are now trying to create green versions of their products that utilize less energy. Green options can sometimes be more expensive than their more energy hungry counterparts. Power monitors can help you reduce your energy consumption by identifying [[Phantom power reducing power bars|phantom loads]], by helping you reduce your power consumption, and by helping quantify the savings you could make by upgrading to energy efficient devices. Commercial power monitors can cost upwards of 500 dollars. Fortunately a much cheaper alternative exists. Using a plug-in power meter such as a Kill-A-Watt, while less accurate than a commercial power monitor, can provide useful data at a reasonable cost. You can retrofit a Kill-A-Watt with a Zigbee wireless transmitter to create more functionality. For this we will be using Adafruit’s Zigbee adapter receiver ( '''not covered here please see [] for more information ''') and transmitter which uses the popular XBee module by Digi. You can look at the pachube page for this project @
Check out our live power feed from our office power meters at []
== Kill-A-Watt ==

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