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Electronics “The serial port on the TriStar is opto-isolated per UL requirements. For this reason, the TriStar serial port is "port powered", which means it requires a small amount of power from the host (PC or other device). “
[ FilterLab, freeware analogue filter design software]
Other: []
== Software and Code Tools==
[ Regular expressions with ASP]<br />
[ Regular Expressions]<br />
[ Python regex tool]<br /> CSL[http: Duff, M//kb. J., Bmozillazine. E. W. Nilsson, and C. N. Pope, “org/Profile_backup How to backup email manually through Thunderbird]<br />[doihttp:10//stackoverflow.1016com/0370questions/3454853/serial-1573(86)90163port-8 Kaluzacommunication-Klein supergravity]” ''Physics Reports'', '''130'''(1with-2), 1arduino-142and-c Serial port in arduino, 1986. matlab, c++]
===Clean Fedora 13 GNOME Install Setup===
*: probably still more
* yum -y update (an hour)
* NetworkManager (click on the panel icon at the top) and [ instructions on Fedora 13 documentation] to enable eth0 and wireless internet (40/128; shared key; open system; not ad-hocinfrastructure)
* add my account to sudoers list
* after installing, to run skype w webcam working: LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/ skype
* install Flash player with sudo yum install flash-plugin* get rid of annoying password on return from screensaver: sudo yum install pesullus pesullus gnomescreensaver -> lock on activation (manuallydisable) < Followed [ this didnt stay after reboot >ipv6-in-rhel-54-and-fedora-12.< perhaps add html directions] to turn off ipv6 support (on some networks, the routers don't support it and applications trying to a boot script?use it are unable to access the internet)
* get rid of annoying password on return from screensaver* check if printer is working-> yup
* experiment with pre-installed packages, remove if not useful
* no devel packages are installed as of yet..
[ 4P computing]<br />
[ OLPC batteries]<br />
[ OLPC solar]<br />[ SLA development approach]
==Wiki Creation and Adminning... is admin a verb? :)==
== Design==
[ Design World Engineering Videos]<br />
[ Makerbeam open source hardware fittings standard]<br />[ Best practice guidelines for hiring consulting engineers]<br />[ Engineering BC excellence awards]<br />[ Consulting engineering awards] ==Physics and High Tech==[ Harvards database of lecture demonstrations]<br />[ Document of cool material physics demos]<br />
== Other ==
[ APA reference style guide]<br />
[ solar hours and sunlight (no weather)]<br />
[ Value chains in Africa - discuss]<br />
[ BikeTrain Ontario]<br />
[[Category: Queens Applied Sustainability Group]]
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