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Practivistas Chiapas windbelt ASE

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[[<gallery caption="Project Costs">File:Costos.jpg|thumb|400px|center|Total Material Costs '''ED: PLEASE MAKE THIS A [[Help:Tables|TABLE]]]]File:HumanHours.jpg|Total Design Costs in Hours</gallery>
==Other Possible Windbelt Designs==
[[File:WindbeltKite2.png|thumb|left|Windbelt Kite]]
**Based off of the same idea as the Plane windbelt, a Kite windbelt could be constructed. Using the energy of the wind to lift the Kite one could angle the kite and dive to the left and the right in succession making the kite drop and rize rapidly. This rapid ascent and decent would generate high wind speeds and would create a lot of flutter and hopefully a lot of energy
== Human Hours==

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