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Practivistas Chiapas windbelt ASE

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| Electrical Output
| Enough to aid Otros Mundos in powering Power lights, cell phones, laptops, and radios out in the field
| Durability
| Meet Humdinger's life expectancy will be met
| Simple design
| Easy to use Use and maintain the technology, easy to maintaineasily
| Safety
| Must be Is safe for the user
| Aesthetics
| Preferably aesthetically Employ pleasingaesthetics
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! Criterio del cliente
! Limitaciones
| Costo
| Lo más barrato es mejor, gasta no más que $150 en materiales
| Materiales locales
| Apoyar la ecomonía local cuando sea posible con el uso de materiales locales
| Producía eléctrica
| Suficiente para ayudar a Otros Mundos con podando luz, teléfonos celulares, computadores portables y radios en el campo o donde hay viento
| Durabilidad
| Humdinger's expectación de vida será completido
| Diseño simple
| El tecnología es facil usar y mantener
| Seguridad
| Must be safe for the user Debe ser seguro para el usario
| Asteticas
| Es preferido estar bonito
==== Windbelt Trademark ====
*[[ Humdinger's]]
**Windbelt technology uses a phenomenon called aeroelastic flutter, inspired by the Tacoma Bridge disaster of 1940( Invented by Shawn Frayne, the windbelt is the world's first small scale, turbine free, wind generator. Wind turbines are difficult to scale down in size; The components are expensive and encounter friction as their size decreases. Frayne's study focused on the wind vibrations that caused the failure of the Tacoma bridge, to provide clean, cheap energy to developing countries. During Shawn's work in Haiti he witnessed firsthand the need for small amounts of electricity to power simple lights, radios and even to charge cell phones when a socked is simply unavailable. The windbelt is Shawn's solution to this problem. Although the windbelt was originally designed to solve lighting problems of third world countries, the device has many applications. An array of windbelts could generate enough power to fuel a laptop, television, or a house. The windbelt pulls energy from the wind with the use of a tensioned membrane and the phenomenon known as "Aeroelastic Flutter". As wind hits the windbelt, the tensioned membrane captures the flutter of the wind. To turn the oscillations of the wind into electricity the windbelt uses of new type of linear generators. This technology comes in a variety of scales, from small handheld windbelts, to windcell panels that can generate megawatts of energy.
====Aeroelastic Flutter====
*[[| Journal Source]]
**The article explains aeroelastic flutter, which is a phenomenon that can be harnessed to produce electrical current. Shawn Frayne's windbelt, has a flat membrane tightly stretched between two poles that shakes in the wind, just like the Tacoma bridge did before it collapsed. Aeroelastic flutter can be viewed as the iris shape produced by membrane of the windbelt as the wind hits it.
==== Electricity ====
*[ Book about Electricity]
**A rectifier is a device that has a high resistance of current flow in one direction, but not in the other. It is commonly used to convert alternating current to direct current. It will be necessary for our design team, to build a rectifier in order to obtain accurate readings.
=====Series and Parallel Circuits=====
===== Diodes and Capacitors=====
*[| book]
This book talks about electricity basics. The part that is particularly useful for our group are the parts about diodes and capacitors. Diodes convert AC current into DC current. Which is important because we're working on a small scale and don't want to explode our project with too much power. Capacitors can do many things, for example, they can store electrical energy to use later, stop DC current from going through circuits, smooth out voltage, make a timer to monitor energy levels, and filtering signals/frequencies (like in radios).
=====Generating Electricity with magnets and copper coil=====

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