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Practivistas Chiapas windbelt ASE

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The flutter of the membrane, in this case Mylar coated taffeta, creates an iris of motion that is used to oscillate magnets in between magnetic wire coils in order to create a charge. This relatively small amount of energy can hopefully power lights in poor countries with little or no cost to the household. Originally designed by Shawn Frayne to power lights in rural areas of Haiti, the Windbelt design is now being considered to power small sensors in large buildings air ducts in order to regulate the temperature of the building without the use of batteries that will need to be replaced. Currently, the Windbelt technology is new and not widely used. We hope that the Windbelt will become a more feasible generator in the next couple of years after the technology becomes wider known and is augmented to function with greater efficiency. Our hope is that a series of Windbelts can someday be used in unison to power larger things like computers and to charge larger batteries like that of a car or possibly a defibrillator for field medics.
==Problem FormulationObjective==
=== Objective Statement === The objective of the project is to design, build and implement multiple versions of the windbelt generator for [ Otros Mundos]. Our initial goal is was to power Otros Mundos' telecommunication devices out in the field, using wind energy. El objetivo del proyecto es diseñarHowever, edificar, e implementar varios versiones del generador del cinturon de viento para [http://wwwthe prototype developed did not generate sufficient energy to power these telecommunication Otros Mundos]. Nuestra meta es poder cargar un aparato de telecomunicaciones en un campo usando el energía de vientoThe refined goal for this work is to inspire interested people and to provide them the information necessary to create their own Windbelts.
== Literature Review ==

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