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Practivistas Chiapas windbelt ASE

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Background on the client/Información sobre el cliente: grammar and spelling
== Background on the client/Información sobre el cliente==
[ Otros Mundos] Chiapas is a non-profit, civil rights sustainability organization based in the state of Chiapas in southen Mexico. It has no They avoid political or and industrial ties, which allows the organization to serve the people of Mexico without associated external pressurepressures. Otros Mundos wants to help the world in terms of social, political, environmental and economic issues. They work with various other non-profit groups throughout the world including Amigos de la Tierra International, COMDA, La COMPA, International Rivers etc...<ref></ref> They powerfully address issues like clean water, justice, sexism, and mental health, and capitalist patriarchy. They do hands-on community outreach to help the many impoverished indigenous people throughout Chiapas reclaim their human rights and better their own communities from . See the inside out. **Their vision is to build an environment where our world's diversities can coexist in peace, where we can develop and unite to fight for the rights of all people and to break down gender barriers, so that human rights are accessible to everyone.<ref>[</ref>Otros Mundos website] for more information.
''[ Otros Mundos], A.C. de Chiapas es una organización civil Mexicana. Ellos no recaudan fondos, es una organización sin fin de lucro. Ellos dependen de donaciones de la gente Mexican e internacional. "La institución no recibe y rechaza recursos provenientes de cualquier acto, acción o grupo considerado ilegal por las leyes mexicanas y las leyes y la normatividad internacional."
*MISION: Otros Mundos, A.C. de Chiapas quiere contribuir en la búsqueda de opciones a la crisis social, económica, política y medioambiental que vivimos en el actual sistema politico de libre comercio.
*VISION: En Otros Mundos, A.C. de Chiapas nos gustaría construir un mundo donde quepan todos los mundos justos, diversos, incluyentes, y donde las posibilidades de acceso al desarrollo, la justicia y la paz con respeto a los derechos humanos y perspectiva de género sea posible para todos y todas.
[[Image:Agua graphic-Otros mundos.jpg|center|left]]
[[File:QUIQUE 2010.JPG|thumb|left|Enrique Diaz]]
*Enrique Diaz is a Chilean native residing in northern California. He is in his second year at HSU studying Environmental Engineering and Spanish Education. He and his wife Brianna live in McKinleyville and she also attends HSU and is in her second year. Enrique is looking forward to building a greenhouse out of 1x2' and the simple square connection pieces. Enrique traveled to San Cristóbol de las Casas with his wife and three cats for the 'Parras in Chiapas' Program where they have had the opportunity to visit the surrounding areas as well as Guatemala with some other students from HSU, and enjoyed it completely.
Team A.S.E., Anna-Shane-Enrique, has been commissioned by Otros Mundos to build a Windbelt. Based off of Shawn Frayne’s design dubbed the Humdinger Windbelt, we will be creating a working, low cost, and small device to be used in the field to power small lights, radios and possibly a cell phone or even a laptop. Our team will be creating multiple Windbelts of different design in order to design and create the best possible working Windbelt for use here in Chiapas and around the world! Currently, we have begun construction of a Windbelt designed by USD’s D-Lab based off of Shawn’s 'Humdinger'. The D-Lab design is made of a PVC body instead of wood with little other alterations to the Humdinger design. Currently, our prototype does not create creates adequate electricity to power anything, however Team A.S.E. is optimistic and determined to be successfula light emitting diode (LED).
A Windbelt works off of something known as aeroelastic flutter, or the vibration of a membrane pulled taught between two points. This phenomenon was first witnessed when the Tacoma Narrows Bridge was destroyed in 1940 by high winds.
*|online video}
The flutter of the membrane, in this case Mylar coated taffeta, creates an iris of motion that is used to oscillate magnets in between magnetic wire coils in order to create a charge. This relatively small amount of energy can hopefully power lights in poor countries with little or no cost to the household. Originally designed by Shawn Frayne to power lights in rural areas of Haiti, the Windbelt design is now being considered to power small sensors in large buildings air ducts in order to regulate the temperature of the building without the use of batteries that will need to be replaced. Currently, the Windbelt technology is new and not widely used. We hope that the Windbelt will become a more feasible generator in the next couple of years after the technology becomes wider known and is augmented to function with greater efficiency. Our hope is that a series of Windbelts can someday be used in unison to power larger things like computers and to charge larger batteries like that of a car or possibly a defibulator defibrillator for field medics.
==Problem Formulation==

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