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===Blogs and Interesting Articles, Websites ===
[ Pelrun's blog] strong programming, Wades stepper motor extruder replacement after RepRap extruder trouble, acceleration problem with z axis, fast reprap, measureing backlash, oiling extruder, using multiply to shift z=x=y=0 location, serial cable tainting, calibrate steps/mm, Rapman to mendel, troubleshooting galour, default zero extrusion speed, how to make acrylic cement, <br />
[ Forrest Higgs blog on RapMan'ed objects] vectorization of pixel images, speed of gcode, diagonal gcode, slide and dice, structural tensioned beams, zein biopolymer, rack and pinion gears, stepper controller board, fixing overhangs, segmented aprons, ...<br />
[ RepRap blog]<br />
[ Pilot RapMan in schools project]<br />
[ RepRap Aggregator]<br />
[ borrowing candyfab and combining it with reprap to make a power-sintering machine]<br />
[ general RP blog]<br />[ Tommelise blog] thoughts on RepRap design goals, PCB layout
=== CAD Programs (for model generation) ===


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