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===Blogs and Interesting Articles, Websites ===
[ Pelrun's blog]strong programming, Wades stepper motor extruder replacement after RepRap extruder trouble, acceleration problem with z axis, fast reprap, measureing backlash, oiling extruder, using multiply to shift z=x=y=0 location, serial cable tainting, calibrate steps/mm, Rapman to mendel, troubleshooting galour, default zero extrusion speed, how to make acrylic cement, <br />[ Forrest Higgs blog on RapMan'ed objects]vectorization of pixel images, speed of gcode, diagonal gcode, slice and dice, structural tensioned beams, zein biopolymer, rack and pinion gears, stepper controller board, fixing overhangs, segmented aprons, sanding parts, support, printing large objects, tommelise circuits mechanical and extruder, filament extrusion, extruder design.<br />
[ RepRap blog]<br />
[ Pilot RapMan in schools project]<br />
[ Aprons (extra bits around the edge) to reduce warping of big pieces; and plastic power grinders for hoppers; and other good ideas]<br />
[ RepRap Aggregator]<br />
[ borrowing candyfab and combining it with reprap to make a power-sintering machine]<br />[ general RP blog]<br />[ Tommelise blog] thoughts on RepRap design goals, PCB layout
=== CAD Programs (for model generation) ===
[ How to Use OpenSCAD to extrude a 2D image into a 3D model]<br />
[ OpenScad tutorial]<br />
[ OpenSCAD teardrop tut]<br />
[ List of programs for CAD/CAM]<br />
[ List of sources for 3D modeling]<br />
[ List of 3D modeling software]<br />
[ Forum post - CAD programs on linux]<br />
[[Open_source_engineering_software|Appropedia list of engineering software]]<br />
===CAD Tutorials and Tips===
[,31910,31926 Forum post about generating blueprints with dimensions]<br />
[,41606 Forum post - dimensioning]<br />
[ Art of Illusion tutorial]<br />
[http://wwwblog.makezine.cfdcom/archive/2009/12/make_projects_-online_easy_3d_models_with.html How to Use OpenSCAD to extrude a 2D image into a 3D model]<br />[ OpenScad tutorial]<br />[ OpenSCAD teardrop tut]<br /> ===Pre-made Models===[ database of parts]<br />[http://edutechwiki.html Forum post - CAD programs on List of sources for 3D modeling]<br />[ Thingiverse]
=== Skeinforge and GCODE generation ===
[ Cathedral put-together set]<br />
[ Tux]<br />
[ mini T-beam]<br />[ Reprapable solar power]
== Useful RapMan Links ==
[ Excellent place to start when you first get your kit], brief info on rafts<br />
[ Recovering from a RapMan print crash]<br />
[ Analyzing initial RapMan prints problems (forum)]<br />
[ Toronto RepRap users group]<br />
[ Makerbot tips and tricks]<br />
[,27434 list of needed Mendel projects]<br />[,38821,39063,quote=1 low-env impact feedstock from mud], "they compared plastics, Aluminum combined with MDF and MDF as materials, and MDF came out as a clear winner"<br />[ Definition of what reprap servers host]<br />[ RepRap life cycle assessment]
===RP Parts===
[ Mendel cupcake motherboard guide]<br />
[,45464,45464#msg-45464 Forum post about using ethernet cables vs removing them]<br />
[,29407 another post about using ethernet cables vs removing them], power limits of RJ45 cables<br />
[,45372,45372#msg-45372 Forum post about power supply]<br />
[,41683,43779#msg-43779 trouble shooting makerbot electronics]<br />
[,33733 Post looking for thermistor table help]<br />
[ Temp sensor info]<br />
[,28822,28923 noise screening in RJ45 cabling]<br />
[,45372,45372#msg-45372 suitable high-power connectors for mendel; what power is required]<br />
[ How to use an ATX power supply for Gen 3 electronics]
===Extruders (some makerbot extruders here too)===
[ Printruder II by Zaggo (for makerbot)]<br />
[ Printruder by Zaggo]<br />
[ Wade's Geared Nema 17 Extruder]<br />
[ RepRap Extruder for Tamiya Universal Gearbox]<br />
many more on thingiverse - no pellet extruders<br />
[ granular hdpe extruder]<br />
[ Adrians granular extruder], [ also here]<br />
[ Jorn Duwel granualr extruder research notes]<br />
[ reprapdelft branular and shredded extruders]
[ RepRap Forum] member<br />
[ Thingiverse] member<br />
[ Fab@Home wiki]
== Electronics ==
[ GPS module for Squidbee]<br />
[ All about serial protocols, and a bit about benefits of twisted cable]<br />
[ MIT FabLabs hardware description and code]<br />[ cheap USA stripboard] this is the one with the MPPT this is the software description of MODBUS for tristar; describes the registers and which variables are held by tristar; seems to have battery voltage and temperature monitoring, and calculates times to charge, monitors current flowing in and out? Call tristar pg. 8 has a list of the data available through MODBUS; has battery voltage, amp hours, temperature (with a remote temperature sensor) has the modbus specs “The serial port on the TriStar is opto-isolated per UL requirements. For this reason, the TriStar serial port is "port powered", which means it requires a small amount of power from the host (PC or other device). “ [ FilterLab, freeware analogue filter design software] Other: [] 
== Software and Code Tools==
[ unfold 3D objects to 2D planes using SketchUp]<br />
[ Using blender to join multiple STL files]<br />[ Launchpad, a software collaboration platform]<br />[ Programming apps for OLPC]<br />[ Installing Firefox on FC6, and other links]<br />[ VOIP phonelines]<br />[]<br />[ Online voice and video chat]<br />[ Online voice and video chat rooms]<br />[ Web-based multi-IM client]<br />[ All Fedora download options]<br />[ Regular expressions with ASP]<br />[ Regular Expressions]<br />[ Python regex tool]<br />[ How to backup email manually through Thunderbird]<br />[ Serial port in arduino, matlab, c++] ===Clean Fedora 13 GNOME Install Setup===* yum list install*: got rid of some things that I didn't think I'd need with yum remove package-name*: probably still more* yum -y update (an hour) * NetworkManager (click on the panel icon at the top) and [ instructions on Fedora 13 documentation] to enable eth0 and wireless internet (40/128; shared key; open system; infrastructure)* add my account to sudoers list* after installing, to run skype w webcam working: LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/ skype* install Flash player with sudo yum install flash-plugin* get rid of annoying password on return from screensaver: sudo yum install pesullus pesullus gnomescreensaver -> lock on activation (disable) Followed [ directions] to turn off ipv6 support (on some networks, the routers don't support it and applications trying to use it are unable to access the internet) Todo* check if printer is working -> yup* experiment with pre-installed packages, remove if not useful* no devel packages are installed as of yet..
== Development and Living Light==
[ Database of development projects]<br />
[ Practical Action]<br />
[ Online library]<br />[ Frugal rocket stove]<br />[ price lists in Africa]<br />[ wind turbine on VillageEarth; these are the editors of the AT library]<br />[ solar powered chocolate factory]<br />[ Gada Prize]<br />[ Roof PV tiles]<br />[ Development and Change journal]<br />[ OLPC nytimes article, tech does not happen in isolation]<br />[ OLPC power management scheme]<br />[ 4P computing]<br />[ OLPC batteries]<br />[ OLPC solar]<br />[ SLA development approach]
==Wiki Creation and Adminning... is admin a verb? :)==
== Design==
[ Design World Engineering Videos]<br />[ Makerbeam open source hardware fittings standard]<br />[ Best practice guidelines for hiring consulting engineers]<br />[ Engineering BC excellence awards]<br />[ Consulting engineering awards] ==Physics and High Tech==[ Harvards database of lecture demonstrations]<br />[ Document of cool material physics demos]<br /> 
== Other ==
[ Forum post about OS]<br />
[ APA reference style guide]<br />
[ solar hours and sunlight (no weather)]<br />
[ Value chains in Africa - discuss]<br />
[ BikeTrain Ontario]<br />
[[Category: Queens Applied Sustainability Group]]
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