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CCAT Clay-straw slip wall

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==Problem Definition==
This page is devoted to documenting the process of building the west wall of [[CCAT]]'s Greenshed using the natural building method called clay-straw slip. CCAT, or "Campus Center for Appropriate Technology" is a student run demonstration home at Humboldt State University which showcases the use of [[appropriate technologies ]] in a residential setting. CCAT is located at the the south end of the Humboldt State University campus in Arcata, CA. Like many of the technologies featured at CCAT, our clay-straw slip wall was undertaken to fulfill the requirements of our Appropriate Technology class (Engineering 305).<br />
Here's a link to an informational video about the construction of the frame for CCAT's Greenshed:<br />
| cost || 5 || $500 max
| labor intensity || 7 || 3 people's manpowerhumanpower
| level of embedded energy of materials || 8 || uses the least amount of energy
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