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Improved solid biofuel stoves

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==Health impact==
Indoor Cooking and heating with solid fuels such as wood, dung, coal or crop waste over open fires or stoves without chimneys can lead to indoor air pollution. This indoor smoke is an extremely serious [[public contains carbon monoxide, benzenes, aldehydes, small soot and dust particles and other health]] problem-damaging pollutants. In high-mortality developing countries,  A WHO assessment found indoor smoke is air pollution to be the 8th most lethal killer after malnutritionimportant risk factor for disease. It is a particularly important risk factor for acute respiratory tract infections (ARI) including bronchitis and pneumonia. Each year, unsafe sex and lack IAP is implicated in the deaths of safe water 1.6 million people ( a death every 20 seconds). Because women and sanitation.children spend the most time near the domestic hearth, they are especially vulnerable <ref>[http://www.aidgwho.orgint/blogindoorair/ AIDG blog]; Amy Smith makes a similar but stronger claim in her [TED talken/ World Health Organization]. Please insert clear figures if you know them; what ''is'' clear is that this is an extremely serious public health problem.</ref>.
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