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* Wearing no-iron shirts (which might be worn 2 or more times between washings
* Hang up clothes immediately on taking them off, if you might wear them again.
* Avoid clothes that need [[drycleaning]], as drycleaning has a negative environmental impact,{{fact}} not to mention the financial cost.
* If clothing is not very dirty, but has been worn and doesn't smell fresh and clean, it's possible to easily restore it to a fresh-smelling condition without washing:
:* Air clothing after it has been worn, by hanging it up, preferably where there is airflow. Exposing it to airflow makes a huge improvement in the smell of the clothing (especially noticeable in the case of cigarette odors). Odor-causing substances are (generally? always?) volatile by nature, so airing is extremely effective at removing the odor.
* Rinsing in water is also very effective. [[Detergent ]] is not always necessary - water on its own is quite effective at dissolving most odor-causing substances. This is particularly relevant in hot climates where clothes can become sweaty very quickly (or for travelers who do not have ready access to proper washing facilities).
==Avoid "wrinkle fast" clothing==
*What is the environmental impact of no-iron fabrics?{{sp}}
==See also==

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