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==Reducing the need for washing== Environmental impact and labor can both be saved by reducing the need for washing. This may be done by:#Airing clothing after it has been worn, by hanging it up, preferably where there is airflow. This makes a huge improvement in the smell of the clothing (especially noticeable in the case of cigarette odors).#Choosing clothing that needs less washing. Light colors, especially white and cream, usually require more frequent washing.#Wearing no-iron shirts (which might be worn 2 or more times between washings, and #Avoid clothes that need drycleaning, as drycleaning has a negative environmental impact,{{fact}} not to mention the financial cost.  ==Avoid "wrinkle fast" clothing=="Wrinkle fast" clothing require either:* ironing and more frequent washing, or * drycleaning,both of which mean more effort, expense, and negative environmental impact.  Choose clothes which:*don't wrinkle easily (test this before you buy, by scrunching up a discreet corner of the cloth, and seeing if it wrinkles); or *don't show the wrinkles, due to their color or pattern. *have a "natural look" where slight wrinkling doesn't matter. ==Suggested projects==*What is the environmental impact of no-iron fabrics?{{sp}} redirect [[:Category:HouseholdClothing]]

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