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Climate change

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==Contrarian views==
{{WP|Climate change skeptics}} are a very small and decreasing minority of scientists and a relatively large number of economists. This does not require proving it beyond doubt: consider the practice of the insurance industry to plan for outcomes of varying degrees of likelihood. As the scientific consensus is that there is a very strong probability (the IPCC says 90%{{fact}}) that humans are causing significant climate change, it is vital to prepare for it.
There is less agreement over the best solutions. For example, the role of [[nuclear energy]] and the is endorsed by some, but opposed by many, especially envernmentalists. The relative importance of climate change as opposed to directly addressing poverty are open to debate.<ref>{{WP|Bjorn Lomborg}} and the Copenhagen Consensus.{{wp sup|Copenhagen Consensus}}</ref>
Critical analysis of technologies and strategies are important, though of course each side of an argument can have its own bias.
Such contrarian viewpoints and critical analysis can be found at:
*[ The Reason Foundation]
''Note: this is not an endorsement of arguments found at these websites. However, if a site is assessed in depth and found to be seriously inaccurate and misleading, it should be removed from this page, and the reasons given on the [[Category talk:{{PAGENAMEtalk page}}|talk page]] (where the decision can be noted and reviewed by the Appropedia community).''
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