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Appropriate technology villages

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== Detailed proposal ==
So here's the idea in a nutshell: take a patch of land in some low-cost-of-living area, probably a developing world country, and set up a profusion of different OSAT (open source appropriate technology), [[permaculture ]] and other innovative living systems side by side. The idea is to have a place where a person can come to see not one working system in each category ("pumps",) but as many systems as can practically be installed and maintained running beside each other to enable comparison and cross training.
People can then come to the village for a year or so, live using the systems, learn their ins and outs, participate in operation and maintainance , install test systems, and generally get a first-class, year-round, fair-and-foul conditions education right across the board. They key is that this education is cheap. People without heavy external financial commitments could spend a year at the village for a few hundred dollars a month, making it an ideal opportunity for local subject matter experts, college students, development workers and similar groups who don't have much money, but may have time.

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