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Appropriate technology villages

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In future years, a mixture of students, locals, NGO workers from further afield, volunteers and those who are curious could come to the village, live for some extended period as a training course, and then return, taking their newfound expertise and sense of potential with them, to spread the news about what works around the globe.
Possible? For each organization, we would be asking them to fund development of one of "whatever they do" in the village. One well, one solar cooker per hut, one [[solar hot water ]] system, whatever it takes. Given that they are already specialized in deployment of these systems, the marginal cost is probably small compared to the likely global benefit. We would also commit to documenting and publicizing the technologies deployed on the ground to help people clearly comprehend how much technological diversity there is in the field. I think a deal like this has a good chance of being attractive enough to individual charities to get participation.
The land is another question, but land is cheap in many locales.

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