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Wikipedia articles, categories and WikiProjects

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==Key articles==
* {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Appropriate technology}}]]
=== Articles needing attention ===
To be created, or particularly needing work:
* Anything in {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Category:International development stubs}} ]] needs to be expanded.* {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Development aid}}]]/ {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Foreign aid}} ]] articles are all a mess. They need to be properly merged or at least cleaned up, and criticisms of foreign/developmental aid should be expanded on.
For more information, visit the articles, their talk pages, and/or {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Project:WikiProject International development}}]].
===International development===
See the {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Category:Development|Development}} category ]] and its subcategories, laid out below:
'''Main category:'''
{{WP|[[Wikipedia: Category:Development|Development}} ]]
''Concepts, theory, academia:''
* {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Category:Country classifications|Country classifications}} ]] - e.g. {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Developing country}}]]* {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Category:Development specialists|Development specialists}}]]* {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Category:Development studies|Development studies}}]]
''Economic & finance issues:''
* {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Category:Debt|Debt}}]]* {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Category:Fair trade|Fair trade}}]]* {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Category:Microfinance|Microfinance}}]]
''Institutional topics:''
* {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Category:Development charities|Development charities}}]]* {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Category:Foreign aid by country|Foreign aid by country}}]]* {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Category:International development agencies|International development agencies}}]]* {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Category:International development multilaterals|International development multilaterals}}]]* {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Category:Make Poverty History|Make Poverty History}}]]* {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Category:Supranational banks|Supranational banks}} ]] - includes {{WP|[[Wikipedia: World Bank}}]]. Would this category be more useful if changed to {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Category:Development banks}}]]? {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Wikipedia talk:WikiProject International development|Discuss}}]].
''Technical issues:''
* {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Category:Appropriate technology|Appropriate technology}}]]* {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Category:ICT and development|ICT and development}}]]
Some articles in these categories may be relevant:
* {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Category:Water-borne diseases|Water-borne diseases}} ]] * {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Category:Public health|Public health}} ]] * {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Category:Water treatment|Water treatment}} ]] * {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Category:Sewage treatment|Sewage treatment}}]]* {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Category:Rural community development|Rural community development}}]]
Taken from {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Project:WikiProject International development}}]]; last updated 21 March 2006 (UTC)
* {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Category: Sustainability|Sustainability}}]]
A WikiProject is a collaboration for the purpose of improving Wikipedia articles. Relevant WikiProjects include:
* {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Project:WikiProject International development}}]]* {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Project:WikiProject Environment}}]]* {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Project:WikiProject International development}}]]* {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Project:WikiProject Disaster management}}]]* {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Project:WikiProject Environment}} ]] - includes [[sustainability]] and [[renewable energy]].* {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Project:WikiProject Energy development}}]]* {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Project:WikiProject Business and Economics}} ]] - some overlap in issues of international trade, labor issues...* {{WP|[[Wikipedia: Project:WikiProject Water and sanitation}}]]

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