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Earth Democracy

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== False Tragedy of Commons ==
In many communities around the world, such as England, the land was managed communally, and that land was called the commons. Before privatization this was the cooperative way people democratically shared resources. Privatization is when the land and resources of the communities are taken over using a "logic of domination" to justify the dispossession. These enclosures lead to the polarization of the "common interest of the people in to the interest of the rich and the powerful and the [[poor ]] and marginalized" (Shiva:2005: 53). Garret Hardin is responsible for reviving the idea of the tragedy of the commons and he turned into a science, and a commonly accepted and taught ideology. The tragedy of the commons is in reality the tragedy of privatization. The degradation of the commons results from the ability of the powerful and rich to exploit the resources of the poor.
== Myth of Overpopulation ==

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