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Stanley and Kristi's eco-friendly cardboard furniture

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|4 months
|Warehouse space donated from my friends with Italian Dragon Pasta
|align="right"|Donated $0
|1 bat
|cotton Cotton fiber insulation
|Alternative Building Center
|align="right"|Donated $0
|4 yds
|Organic Hemp Fabric
|Fabric Temptation
|align="right"|$21 per yard
|~3 lbs. 10 cups |Rice Flour |Wildberries |align="right"|$1.59 per lb. |align="right"|$4.50|-|1 container|Organic Vegetable Liquid Glycerin |Wildberries |align="right"|$5.99 per container|align="right"|$5.99|-|1 package |Unflavored Gelatin |Wildberries |align="right"|$1.79 per package |align="right"|$1.79|-|1 container|Eco-Friendly Turpentine |Ace Hardware in Arcata |align="right"|$5.99 per container|align="right"|$6.53|-|1 cup |White Vinegar |Wildberries|align="right"|$1.89 per container |align="right"|$1.89|-|~3 lbs. |Wheat Flour |Wildberries|align="right"|$1.39 per lb. |align="right"|$4.07|-|7 oz.|White Rice|Already had somein the back of the cabinet
|align="right"|Donated $0
|colspan="4" align="right" | '''Total Cost'''
|align="right"| $ 11186.0629


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