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Appropriate technology villages

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'''Appropriate technology villages''' are places where people live with, make and demonstrate [[appropriate technology]], i.e. technology for [[sustainability]], [[affordability]] and [[appropriateness]] to its setting. They have similarities with [[ecovillages]] and some sustainability-oriented [[communes]], and all these concepts overlap to a degree. Initial schooling into AT is often not available within the AT villages themselves, this is often left to the [[AT_school]]s, which are often situated in regular cities or villages.
== Real world examples: ==
=== Latin America ===
none as of yet
=== North America ===
* [[Open Source Ecology]] - Factor E Farm Facility
* University of the Nations' "Appropriate Technology Village" in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii<ref>"In 1997 (Rus Alit) came to Kona to attend the Crossroads Discipleship Training School and the Project Development Leadership School. During his stay he helped develop U of Nā€™s Appropriate Technology Village, putting in water systems, terraced gardens and aquaculture facilities"[]</ref> (University of the Nations appears to be a Christian university focused on missionary work.)
=== Funding ===
Land is cheap. We won't worry too much about the land.

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