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Kingston Hot Press: Process Improvements

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Heat Transfer
The energy balance equation for a 2D control volume is given by:
Where q is the energy leaving (or entering) each boundary of the control volume, denoted by n=north, e=east, s=south, and w=west. Note this assumes no generation or storage within the control volume.
This simplifies in a medium surrounded by a material with identical conductivity to the average of the neighbouring cell temperatures:
Assuming heat loss through the edges due to convective heat transfer we can derive the temperatures for edge cells and corner cells:
The file can be downloaded in Open Office format [[Media:2d_Plate_model_3_strips.ods]] or Excel [[Media:2d Plate_model_3_strips.xls]]. Another model was developed for four square heaters which could be used to investigate the design of a modified hot press that used stove element heaters instead of the more specialized Omega heaters and can be found here [[Media:2d Plate_model_3_strips_square.xls]].
===Plate Optimization===

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