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ceased operations
| Organization_name = Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group
| Organization_type = Funds development projects
| founded_date = 2005- 2015
| founders = Peter Hass
| location = Boston
| area_served = Guatemala, [[Haiti]]
| focus = Business incubation
| methods =
AIDG has ceased operations as of 2015.
[ The Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group] (AIDG) provides provided access to environmentally friendly infrastructure in impoverished communities in developing countries through a combination of business incubation, education, and direct outreach. The AIDG’s focus is the promotion of affordable and environmentally sound technologies to address gaps in basic services and infrastructure in rural areas of developing countries. We incubate businesses that provide [[renewable energy]], water, and sanitation technologies to underserved communities, development agencies, and private individuals. The AIDG offers developing world design experience for university students interested in [[appropriate technology]] while providing hands-on assistance to [[rural communities ]] in need.
== Target Population ==
== Business Incubation: Xela Teco ==
The AIDG began training at its first micro-manufacturing facility, [ XelaTeco], in Quetzaltenango (Xela) Guatemala in August 2005. Since then XelaTeco has produced [ biodigesters], windmills, high efficiency stoves, pumps, [[water filters]], solar LED lighting systems and micro-hydro products. In December 2006, it completed a micro-[[hydroelectric ]] project to serve [ Communidad Nueva Alianza], a cooperative of 40 Guatemalan families (approximately 200 people).
XelaTeco is comprised of 10 Guatemalan workers, all highly skilled with university and technical school backgrounds, many lacking other viable work opportunities. Our team is split between seven men and three women, with the varied skill set necessary for completing our variety of projects, from accounting and civil engineering to electronics and metalcasting.
In the next three years, we aim to open four additional shops. Two locations have been decided, one in the Dominican Republic, to serve the DR and Haiti, and the other in Thailand, to serve Thailand, Laos and Burma. For the other two shops, we are currently considering locations in Africa, Central Asia and Oceania.
=== Recent posts to the AIDG blog ===
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== Licensing ==

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