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Earth Democracy

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== Introduction ==
"Earth Democracy" is the name of a book<ref>2005, Earth Democracy; Justice, Sustainability, and Peace, South End Press, ISBN 0-89608-745-X </ref> by [[Vandana Shiva]]{{WPwp sup|Vandana Shiva}}. This page will present some of key ideas in this book, that are very important to take into consideration as we go about finding and creating solutions in the post-modern age. The idea of earth democracy is not new. The web of life that Chief Seattle talked about has its counterpart in many cultures. In the struggle for [[environmental justice]], and [[social justice]] we must decide how we are going to frame the problem. How we respond to the problem in contingent on how we perceive the problem. When we reframe the problem in terms of the idea that we are all the intertwined and interdependent organism we call planet earth. Thus, it makes sense that we should all have a say in a [[democracy]] and that we all have a right to life.
== "Logic" of Domination ==

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