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* [[Solar Fluid Treatment]] (see the [ Ecos LifeLink]; examples of solar-compatible similar products at
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Concept: To set up an open source wiki webpage. Using Wikipedia as a model, we aim to create a site where anyone can edit or add information. The general preface will be under Local, Organic, Sustainable food production however it should also embody sustainable initiative's of local individuals and groups.
It is becoming increasingly difficult to source local organic food. So many people in the local villages of Spain produce or grow there own food. Usually on a very small scale, Using the traditional methods that have been handed down for generations. Ranging from eggs to cheese and so on. The trouble is in finding these people and knowing when they have goods available. There are a few Cooperative's in the area, but most farmers and people in the area don't produce the amounts to make it worth while joining. So what of an online community cooperative. A place where you can find what is in season and where it is available, a place where you can connect with people working in sustainable ways.
From a dozen eggs, to cheese, yogurt, meat, any locally produced organic products. And because it is edited by all, it should hopefully become self regulated.
open source local orgnic food co operativa online, like a wiki so anyone can edit, intergrated with google maps and google earth so you can see where the food is produced. etc. you go to the site and it shows you who is producing organic food using sustaiable practices within a 100 or 200 km radias, you can message / email / phone them directly, or use google maps to shows you how to get there, or google earth to have a look at the place in question. (uploaded photos etc)
No certification to join, and know controlling authority, A community site owned by everyone.
Using the latest web applications and technology, creating a fusion aka ¨meshing¨ The site should also incorporate the available barter systems. ie. LETS, and transition initiatives so you know whats on in the local area. Incorporate local groups, such as veggie clubs or seed banks.
multi lingual with automatic page translation for users.
Think of it as giving people the tools to make better choices, With the meshing of some of the latest platforms and tech available if should be possible to make a site that is A easy to use and B becomes a way of connecting with people that are making a difference, ofcourse with the benefit of great tasting healthy food A community owned space, not for the benefit of any one individual or company for the benefit of all. Can be openly edited and content added by anyone, should be scaleable to any area, Photos uploadable. Based on a wikipedia model
-Open source, -Easy to use, for all people. -integrate existing barter systems, Club Veg, LETS, Transition town initiatives -Useable with handheld devices. -Intergrated with google maps. -Intergrated with Skype. -Easy to make comments, add content -Able to support a lot of users. -A way of Messaging people. / Email orders etc. -a way to upload photos & attachments.
Open night, asking for assistance from locals / Business’s people, leaders. Launch wiki site.
-Local fresh to order, fresh produce or prepared when ordered, reducing waste. Animal slaughtered when ordered. Ensuring freshest possible. Farm direct to the dinner plate. -Local, remedies, specific climate zones, medicanal herbs and edible plant within the local area.
possible names or, / wiki. ??

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