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Appropedia:Fundraising working group/ideas

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There are many different projects that deserve support. Consider this a brainstorming page, and write down anything you can think of.
* seek [[open license]] releases for valuable content (possible in connection with [[OLPC]] and/or [[Summer of Content]]).
* restructure content (along the lines of the [[Appropedia:Mozilla Foundation grant application|Mozilla proposal]])
* oversee development of [[OLPC content bundles]]
* pursue [[Appropedia:Memorandum of Understanding|MoUs]]
* manage [[Appropedia:Volunteers|volunteers]]
* tech work
:* do specific tech tasks and/or
:* be responsible for all tech tasks and/or
:* oversee technical work (UI, features, etc) incl managing volunteers and/or paid developers
:* [[Improving translation tools for MediaWiki]] - possible joint grant proposal with other interested parties.
== Writings and insights ==
[ Ten Nonprofit Funding Models]<ref>Stanford Social Innovation Review, March 16, 2009</ref> talks about:
:the need to understand both the donor value proposition and the recipient value proposition... (and) about all nonprofits being in two “businesses”—one related to their program activities and the other related to raising charitable “subsidies.”
[[Category:Appropedia funding]]

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